Friday, November 20, 2009


Wearing a hair bow is a simple means of creating beauty to one’s own style of dressing their hair to make it look more pleasing to look at. There are varieties of ways on how to make a hair bow. The variation usually lies on the materials to be used that also depend on the choice of style of the hair bow one prefers to make.

How to make a hair bow is a common hobby among creative and artistic individuals. Basically one is free to create their own design to represent their own stylish way of making a hair bow. There are simple steps on how to make a hair bow. One needs to organize first the materials they will need.

Scissors, measuring tape or a ruler, ribbon, floral wire, metal clip, glue gun and fray check are the most basic materials to be needed on how to make a hair bow. For beginners, making a medium sized pinwheel bow is an excellent choice to begin with.
When deciding on the type of ribbon to use it is important to choose one that has a soft fabric that is easy to bend. One should then choose the type of clip to use. When making a small to medium hair bow for fine hair, alligator clips are good choice. French clips on the other hand work well for fuller hairs or for ponytails and when making

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