Friday, November 20, 2009

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Do you know how to talk to your man? Is your boyfriend the silent type, not telling you what he thinks or feels? When you ask him questions and try to get him to open up, does he seem to go farther away? Is he confused about what you want from him?

Talking to men can be difficult if you don't understand how they are wired. Even if your guy is the talkative type, he still may not be good at sharing thoughts, feelings, or sentiments that are of any depth. Would you like to know the five secrets in how to talk to a man? Here are some facts that may surprise you and guide you:

1. You cannot talk to men the way you talk to other women.

Women are almost always ready to share. If you woke your girlfriend up at three in the morning to tell her the details of your fight with your boyfriend, she could tune into what you are saying in about five seconds. Conversely, if you woke your boyfriend up to tell him anything important, it would be the equivalent of a bee sting. He would be jolted, disoriented, and a little mad. He would need twenty minutes to regroup and hear what you are saying.

SECRET #1: Don’t approach men for conversation when they are not in an approach mode. Give them time and opportunity to be able to listen to you. They want to be there for you and give you what you need, but you have to understand that they need to have distractions removed, time to focus on the conversation, and a clear and defined understanding of what you want from them.

2. Men have been programmed for centuries to take care of the family.

When you take any complaint to him, even if you are only crying because your hair came out green instead of blonde, he unconsciously thinks it is his fault. If a man feels he is not taking good care of you, (and complaints are translated into thinking you are not happy with him,) he experiences tremendous physiological discomfort. He hears your problem as HIS failure. Withdrawal is his protection in these situations.

SECRET #2: Don’t misinterpret the silent male or underestimate how much you mean to him. He is highly vulnerable to you.


Women wear make-up for various reasons. In the first instance, women use make-up to beautify their face - to improve their best qualities and to improve their weak points. Women, since time, have always had problems with aging - growing old and looking old. However, not all types of make-up is right for you. Women who have just learned how to use make-up usually get overexcited and head out the door to buy the latest products in order to sport the latest trends in make-up, without taking into account their age and complexion, which they will think are the best . As a means to fight against the cruel effects of time in terms of their beauty is concerned, women use different techniques, including various make-up ideas.

It is important to use make-up that is appropriate to your age. The make-up idea is great advice, so you can avoid looking fake or appearing too over made-up. While the make-up can help you appear young and fresh, you may also appear worn out if it is not applied correctly. There are techniques that will help you decide whether to buy a lipstick with a bright shade to go with the darker hue.


Wearing a hair bow is a simple means of creating beauty to one’s own style of dressing their hair to make it look more pleasing to look at. There are varieties of ways on how to make a hair bow. The variation usually lies on the materials to be used that also depend on the choice of style of the hair bow one prefers to make.

How to make a hair bow is a common hobby among creative and artistic individuals. Basically one is free to create their own design to represent their own stylish way of making a hair bow. There are simple steps on how to make a hair bow. One needs to organize first the materials they will need.

Scissors, measuring tape or a ruler, ribbon, floral wire, metal clip, glue gun and fray check are the most basic materials to be needed on how to make a hair bow. For beginners, making a medium sized pinwheel bow is an excellent choice to begin with.
When deciding on the type of ribbon to use it is important to choose one that has a soft fabric that is easy to bend. One should then choose the type of clip to use. When making a small to medium hair bow for fine hair, alligator clips are good choice. French clips on the other hand work well for fuller hairs or for ponytails and when making

women exercise

Women are more prone to obesity. They have to exercise every day for as little as 10-30 minutes. This will enhance their quality of life.

Importance of exercise to women at different stages of life:

A woman, whatever her age, has to have some sort of physical activity to keep herself physically fit. The benefits derived from physical activity are enormous. This little extra activity adds to the quality of life a women can have. Now we shall examine the need for exercise at different stages of a women’s life.

Early days

Before the advent of computers and televisions, children were not required to exercise. But once the computers became popular, studies conducted has found that a little exercise for children is also a must. A child sticks to her computer or television which takes away from her the option of playing on the ground. This lack of exercise will lead to unhealthy adults’ generation. The present age killer is the cardio vascular diseases. This disease can attack men and women alike and it is due to the lack of exercise. So the prime time for developing healthy lifestyle and good habits is in childhood and adolescence.


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