Friday, November 20, 2009


Enriched with Hydra-FirmaLift, the blush helps firm the skin reducing those unsightly lines. It brightens the cheeks giving it a helathy glow while doing its magic of lifting the skin on the apples of your cheeks. The small package is loaded with features such as a mirror built into the cover and a dispensing cover that hides the sponge in a compartment within the cap you can use by removing the clear plastic cover to the holes that allows the powder to dispense easily onto the applicator foam. The Product comes in four lovely colors; Golden Geisha, Plum Wine, Cherry Blossom and Sweet Lychee. The cosmetics manufacturer designs and integrates well proven science into its products not only giving beauty but treats as it does its work having the real magic working right under your daily application.
Truely Natural has come up with the perfect combination of a natural product that is designed to protect. Their Protective mineral foundation is rated with an SPF factor of 17 which it does with the use of two skin protecting ingredients, titanium and zinc oxide. Added to that is the super anti-oxidant idebenone which gives you an EPF rating of 95.

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